S1E5 Pho Que Podcast: Magnificent Marinaded Barbecue Chicken

In this podcast episode I discuss my process for creating my Chamorro-inspired marinade for chicken and then taking the dish the next step by adding barbecue sauce and wood smoke halfway through.

Here's the audio podcast: 

Short video of the barbecue process

Scroll through the images below as you listen (all images by ©2019 Danny Blas).

Final results: apple-smoked chicken with grapes and tomatoes (photo ©2019 Danny Blas)

Marinade: 1 part soy sauce, 1/2 part vinegar, 1 lime juiced, 5 chopped chilies, 5 garlic cloves, star anise, rosemary (photo ©2019 Danny Blas)

Chicken placed onto Weber Kettle grill surface, indirect heat (photo ©2019 Danny Blas)

Weber Kettle getting started; indirect heat--coals on one side (photo ©2019 Danny Blas)

Chicken after the first 40 minutes (photo ©2019 Danny Blas)

Chicken before being placed on the grill (photo ©2019 Danny Blas)

Chicken as it's removed from its Zip-Loc bag and into a strainer (photo ©2019 Danny Blas)

Weber Kettle is the grill for this recipe (photo ©2019 Danny Blas)


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